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…For the Cloth Hall, for Katowice

…For the moose, bison and weasel

…For the Hel, the Vistula, and Kasprowy

…For the national pork chop

…For the springs which spellbound me

…For the heat as well as blizzard

…For I feel home-grown by you

I just, simply and plainly, love you Poland !


…For the Christmas tree lights and carols

…For our great deeds, for our blunders

…For holes in roads, for rings in broth

…For the Wawel Dragon, a sure thing

…For the match at Wembley, for a Małysz’ jump

…For not that sober Krupówki bear

…For feeling native when with you


I just, simply and plainly, love you Poland!“  -  Marcin Dziedzic

If you also fell in love with our land for its traditions, rich culture, scenic landscape, and palatable cuisine, you will surely like to learn the Polish language! You can start learning even today if you enroll in the summer course of Polish for foreigners through Skype!

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